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The Nyack Village Theatre is a small intimate theatre featuring live music, poetry, comedy, and other theatrical performances. There are no bad seats, and it has great acoustics. the Nyack Village Theatre is also the home of Rockland World Radio.
For a number of years this was the theatre's website.

Content is from the site's 2012 -2017 archived pages and other outside sources.

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Nyack Village Theater
94 Main St
Nyack, NY, 10960


Nyack Sketch Log: Nyack Village Theatre

by Bill Batson April 17, 2012 | nyacknewsandviews.com

Nyack Village Theatre

The Nyack Village Theatre sign is unassuming and you might just walk on by, but that would be a mistake.  One exposure to the live content that is produced from this 49 seat black box theater space will stop you in your tracks.   Nestled one story above the site that was once F.W. Woolworth is an expanding multimedia arts organization founded by 1980’s rocker turned impresario Richard Quinn.

The arts center appeared on my radar screen last Halloween, when I saw a poster advertising a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  As  a teenager, I saw the cult classic more times than I care to admit across the street when what is now Riverspace was a garden-variety movie theater.

When Rocky Horror exploded onto the counter-cultural consciousness of America in 1975, Quinn was a recent high school grad getting his real education in legendary New York City clubs like Max’s Kansas City and CBGB.’s.  This was the moment when acts like Talking Heads, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, The Ramones and Blondie were emerging on the music scene. His band Quinn & The Eskimos would later play those same venues.

The Nyack Village Theatre that Quinn opened in 2006 is influenced by the energy and eclecticism of the New York art scene of the early 1980’s.  It was in the economically ravaged East Village that Punk, New Wave, Hip Hop and Graffiti cultures converged in downtown nightclubs and art galleries.  ‘€œI like to think of myself in the tradition of Andy Warhol.  I’m building an art factory,’€ said Quinn of one of the sources of his inspiration.

If the Nyack Village Theatre is a factory, there are several divisions that manufacture a variety of art products.  The theater is actually a spin off of two other endeavors.  In 2003, Quinn launched Rockland World Radio, an online broadcast station that’s not just radio,  streaming live video of all programming.  Modern Metro Zine or MMZ  offers the insights and expertise of the hosts of the Internet program in print form.

The media platform that Quinn has built is like a dim sum menu of all that was excellent about New York City in the late twentieth century.  It’s a mash up of several pioneering cultural institutions combining the political edge of WBAI, the bold experimentalism of Joseph Papp’s Public Theater, the bombast of CBGB’s and the intimate sloped screening room vibe of the Thalia.

A recent Wednesday evening will give you a flavor of the content of Rockland World Radio: local attorney Glen Keene sits at a table at the center of the stage of the Nyack Village Theatre interviewing local artist and poet Rose Marie Raccioppi.  The program is streamed live over the Internet.  At the end of his hour segment, John Marshall arrives with his sons, Zachary and Quincy to chaperone their teen focused hip-hop program, Youthology Hour.  The teens are both the production staff and hosts for their program.   Next up is Creating Health, hosted by Dr. Ken Davis. The evening ends with Talk About it Cora!, a show on style, beauty, glamour and fashion.

The production facilities are an ideal location to incubate local talent.  Quinn has been working recently with local musicians Charles, Martin and Jermaine Paul who perform as the Mighty Paul Brothers Band.   You may have seen Jermaine on the hit reality talent show, The Voice.  Jermaine recently survived the battle rounds and is now singing for votes in front of a live national TV audience.  Quinn produced the look for their music video “Can’t Walk Away.”

Quinn is proudest of his most recent creative coup: his new resident theater group the Antics Road Show.  The Antics Road Show performing at the Nyack Village Theatre. The original sketch comedy group has sold out two runs and has a new series of shows scheduled for May, July and August.  Antic’s also offer improv, acting and writing workshops.

The Nyack Village Theatre is a place where Quinn told me he hoped to introduce the public to art, performance and information that they can’t find anywhere else.  When I heard him utter that statement, my jaded and skeptical self spoke up.  I challenged him to name something that he had produced lately that fits that bill.

In a New York minute Quinn described the screening of never before seen footage from an unreleased documentary about Jim Hendrix by Dave Kramer.  The film was accompanied by a showing of original artwork created by Jim Hendrix owned by the family of drummer Christian Van denHueval. Quinn’s hype minus the hyperbole is refreshing.

On a recent Sunday, Quinn showed a free matinee exhibition of the “Fresh, the movie.” He told me that the filmmakers decry the collapse of the symbiotic cycle between animals and plants that has resulted from the advent of corporate agriculture and jeopardizes our health and our food supply.

Quinn feels that there is a similar life cycle between the artist and the audience. “The artist needs the audience to exist and the audience needs art to survive.  Art is nourishment for the soul,” said Quinn.  So if you are hungry for some art, Quinn serves it up on line, in print and on stage.  The concepts and content might be heavy, but its calorie and gluten free.  Bon Appetit.

This Friday is Open Mic night and on Saturday: Belly dancing.  Visit Rockland World Radio for a calendar of events. Richard is looking to build alliances with people with audio and video production skills, theatrical staging experience and digital expertise.  Call 845.826.2639 for more information.



Crowd sourced: When my parents moved to Nyack they frequently went to productions put on by the Nyack Village Theatre. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit New York & New Jersey in the early Spring and everything shut down, those of us who could work from home did so. I haven't visited my parents for five months even though I live in Washington Heights on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and it's just a car ride across the George Washington Bridge and north on the Palisades. We FaceTime a lot commiserating over the impact of Covid on so many businesses. As New York has cautiously started to open up, it appears some businesses are simply not going to come back. Many restaurants are coping by seating dinners outside on side walks and in parking spaces on the streets. I just read New York City's museums are opening. But theatrical productions are still shuttered.

Not surprisingly the Nyack Village Theatre is temporarily closed. However some restaurants are "open" although set up to have responsibly distanced tables. One of our clients - a maritime law firm in New Orleans - is very familiar with the Village theatre because his son has been part of the company for many years. Strange how small the world is, that both New Orleans and NYC are connected through people familiar with this one theatre. I noticed on the Nyack Village Theatre Facebook page that they actually had an event at the UP Lounge & Restaurant presenting iNDIE Artists Showcase. There is another LIVE iNDIE Artists music event at the same location in mid September. I'm tempted to buy tickets online and attend. I might drop buy my parents as well---while keeping a safe social distance from them, of course. This new normal is anything but.


Charlie Kraus: I Met A Con Man
This is something that happened to me at the reunion evening, something I will never forget. I sat next to a tall man who reminded me of my Greek uncle Tibi. When I told him this, he responded that  his name was George Binakis, definitely Greek. He was a very pleasant person and he told me that he lived in NYC and was a contractor specializing in condo renovations. At the first pause in the program, George excused himself and left. When the lights came up at the end, there was a crumpled up copy of the CPW News that he had obviously been sitting on, opened to a story about him! This guy was a con artist who defrauded victims in NYC by posing as a contractor specializing in condo renovations, but then walking off with the money. One woman was conned out of over $65,000 after George gained her trust and sympathy - he had stories of a severe heart condition requiring a pacemaker and regular cardio monitoring. His con was incredibly successful, so much so that when he disappeared with her money, her first concern was for his health. I think of this often: most of that evening, I sat next to George, who was famous for ripping people off, and he had been reading about his own exploits, and I'm pretty sure he purposefully left that paper, open to that particular article, for me to read.


UpComing 2017

Local Independent Film Festival

Thursday, August 24th

  • 7:30 pm - Cookie Jar - Jake Giordano/Teddy Bass
  • 7:38 pm - Corporate Scheme - Jake Giordano/Teddy Bass
  • 7:46 pm - Atomic Mother - L. E. Salas
  • 7:57 pm - Winter into Spring - 1 minute by Dave Foster
  • 8:00 pm - In the Name of Comedy - Brett Eidman
  • 8:30 pm - The House on Peach Avenue - Peter O'Brien
  • 9:00 pm - Triangle - Christopher Fox
  • 9:10 pm - Mr. Bones - John Piekos
  • 9:20 pm - The Cure - Ryan Y. Jafri
  • 9:30 pm - Leaving Malcolm - Lucas Ruderman

Friday, August 25th

  • 7:30 pm - Walk to the Beat - Kal Toth, Director, Marma Media
  • 7:40 pm - Duane Eubanks - Kal Toth, Director, Marma Media
  • 7:45 pm - Fredi - Andy Golub
  • 8:00 pm - Pediicab - Seamus Boyle
  • 8:20 pm - It's Your Interpretation - David Klugman - Analyst as Painter - Richard Quinn Director
  • 8:50 pm - Atomic Mother - L. E. Salas 
  • 9:00 pm - Designiing from Above - Jill Johnson Mann / Jane Coco Cowles
  • 9:30 pm - The House on Peach Avenue - Peter O'Brien

Saturday, August 26th

  • 2:00 pm - First Lady - a film by Selina Polk
  • 3:40 pm - House of Jude
  • 3:45 pm - The Gator Society - Lena Shockley - Epic Scope Films
  • 3:50 - Dieops
  • 4:10 pm - Nataljia Liberacki's Survivor Journey
  • 4:40 pm - The Lena Shockley Youthology House - Red Carpet Interviews
  • 5:10pm - On a Guide to Enlightenment - Dr. G. J. Link, MD, PhD

Saturday August 26th Night Schedule


An Evening of Music & Stories with Alyssa Sequoia

Spend An Evening of Music & Stories with Alyssa Sequoia

Alyssa Sequoia


An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe Readings & Interpretations

Edgar Allan Poe Readings

An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe - Readings & Interpretations - - -- OCTOBER -- FRIDAY the 13th & FRIDAY the 20th --- featuring - David Biedny / Juana Camilleri / Phyllis Kee / Rochelle Kepes / Mark Mangan / Cynthia Hoover Paoli /Richard Quinn / Jorge & Soledad Ramos / Genoveva Rossi / Laura Rothschild / David A Soderlund Jr



Friday, October 27, 2017 - 7:00pm - 11:00pm

HIP HOP HALLOWEEN~ Lil Bones ~  ~ PHEEZY XL ~  ~ Loverrboi JJ ~


The Boy on the Bureau by Lon Blais

The Boy on the Bureau by Lon Blais . . . .Whatever Lon Blais does, he is a teacher. "The Boy on the Bureau" teaches too.. It is kind of "The Addams Family" meets the Walton with motorcycles. Make no mistake this family of nine siblings is unique. But anyone can find themselves and family members through the laughter, lies, and tears.

The Boy on the Bureau



Retro Comedy Holiday Special

Retro Comedy Holiday Special ~ Perfect for that nostalgic holiday laugh !!! featuring 3 Burns&Allen stories and other vaudevillian style skits starring John Mirabella, Sharon Shahar, Jorge Ramos, Cheryl Baker, Mary Mirabella, Chris Marth, David Soderlund Jr.,Jake Giordano, Louie Spats Domenici & other special guests

Retro Comedy Holiday Special


RX Laughter, A Night Of Comedy

Saturday, November 18, 2017 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm

RX : LAUGHTER A Night of Comedy

with Host Ryan Denisco featuring

Doing Stand Up while surviving Chrons,
Stand Up NY, Gotham, Caroline's, The Stand, Comedy Store, Belly Room

SEASON 9 of NBC's Last Comic Standing,
Montreal and Switzerland as "New Face" of the Just for Laughs Festival
and Montreux International Comedy Festival

Korean-American comic who regularly performs in clubs in NYC.
Featured on Sirius XM, Charm City Comedy Festival,
Maine Comedy Festival, Hoboken Comedy Festival.


UpComing 2016


Richard Quinn Presents 2 One Acts Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Enjoy your summer with fun, suspenseful, romantic, dark comedies performed live on stage. Alfred Hitchcock Presents 2 One Acts Directed by Richard Quinn at the Nyack Village Theatre.12 PERFORMANCES OPENS IN JULY 8PM CURTAIN 2PM MATINEE JULY 15th,16th,22nd,23rd,29th,30th,31st AUGUST 4th,5th,6th,12th,13th <><><>TICKETS:

Richard Quinn Presents 2 One Acts Alfred Hitchcock



UpComing 2015


Saturday, May 16, 2015 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm


An evening of original variety performances

Skye Leith, Artistic Director

Poetry/Magic/Music/Video/Puppetry/Dance/Monologues/Performance Art/Juggling/Storytelling/Standup

Tinderbox is a no-budget, low-risk, low-tech performance venue where you can explore any aspect of theatre you choose and receive instant audience feedback The show focuses on immediacy, originality and brevity Whether you’re coming to perform, watch, or both, together we’ll create a show that has never been seen before and will never be seen again Arrive at 7:00 to sign up for a performance slot, or arrive at 8:00 to watch the show. No copyrighted material (unless creators are present). Pieces no longer than 7 minutes. No breaking of anything (theatre/people/laws)

Tickets: $5.00 on line/$7.00 (cash only) at door

Box office information:201-694-0610

For more information or to sign up for a performance slot in advance, email: tinderboxvariety@gmail.com

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Three One Acts

Friday, October 16, 2015 - 8:00pm - Saturday, November 7, 2015 - 10:00pm Nyack Village Theatre presents three one-acts featuring the master of macabre, murder and mystery theatre, Alfred Hitchcock Presents directed by Richard Quinn.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Three One Acts



UpComing 2014


The Wisdom of Eve

Friday, May 2, 2014 - 8:00pm - Saturday, May 24, 2014 - 8:00pm

The Wisdom of Eve (the Mary Orr play upon which the famous 1950 Bette Davis movie “All About Eve” was based on) starring Melissa Ann, Ulisses Arroyo, John Bale, Caterina Campagna, Joe Remy Dolinksy, Peter Elfant, Mercedes Kent, Stephen Moscatello, Bea Pohl and Rhea Vogel, produced and directed by Richard Quinn.

Friday, May 2 – 8 p.m.
Saturday, May 3 – 8 p.m.
Thursday, May 8 - 8 p.m.
Friday, May 9 - 8 p.m.
Thursday, May 15 – 8 p.m.
Friday, May 16 – 8 p.m.
Saturday, May 17 – 8 p.m.
Sunday, May 18 – 3 p.m.
Thursday, May 22 – 8 p.m.
Friday, May 23 – 8 p.m.
Saturday, May 24 – 8 p.m.
at Nyack Village Theatre, 94 Main Street, Nyack, NY 10960

The Wisdom of Eve is an engrossing and revealing “inside” story of life in New York’s theatre world, told in terms of an unscrupulous ingénue’s rise to Broadway stardom.

On Line: $20 general admission $17 students/seniors
Box Office at Door: Cash only $23 general admission $20 student/senior

Purchase Tickets

2014 Nyack Film Festival

Thursday, August 21, 2014 (All day) - Sunday, August 24, 2014 (All day)

The Nyack Film Festival
Thursday, August 21 - Sunday, August 24, 2014

Take part in The Nyack Film Festival, presented by the Nyack Village Theatre.

Awards: Awards will be presented in the following categories: Best Feature, Best International Documentary, Best Local Documentary, Best Short Feature, Best Short, Best Short-Short, Best Score and People’s Choice Award

Please submit your film in the following categories: Short Shorts (Less than 5 min), Shorts (Less than 10 min), Short Features (Less than 40 min), and Features (Over 40 min).

Submission Deadline July 7
Submission Directions:
Send All Films in DVD format with Release form and Check/Money Order (payable to Modern Metro) to:
The Nyack Film Festival
94 Main Street
Nyack, NY 10960

You may also submit links/attached videos/etc to:

(Subject Line: Film Festival Submission)


UpComing 2013

NightTrail, Section 8, and Sacred Ash

Friday, June 14, 2013 - 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Section 8
Sacred Ash

2nd Annual Live in the #845 along with the Epic Elite and Eprosounds Crew

Saturday, June 15, 2013 - 8:30pm - 11:30pm

DJ HAZEL/MAV on the 1's and 2's and many respectable Hip-Hop artists from Rockland County

Line Up:

SecondHand Watches - 8:45PM


Mr. Kill of (M.D.M.A.)- 9:45PM




Poetry Rising with Cherie Raglin and Open Mic

Friday, June 21, 2013 - 7:30pm

Poetry Rising with host Cherie Raglin, Spoken Word Artist and four time nominee for an Arts Council of Rockland County Executive Arts Award.  Featuring: Nationally acclaimed NYC Slam Poets Jeanann Verlee, Six time National, Poetry Slam Semifinalist and Urbana Slammaster Kyle Rapps, Nuyorican Poets Cafe Grand Slam Finalist, Hip Hop Artist, Founder of the Mayhem Poets and Winner of Bill Gates Grant, followed by OPEN MIC.  Doors open/open mic sign up at 7:30, performance begins at 8 p.m. Call 845-893-1974 or email raglinche3@gmail.com 

Dog Sees God, presented by Ship of Fools Productions

Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 8:00pm - Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 8:00pm

Ship of Fools Productions Presents: Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead by Bert V. Royal Directed by Vincent Cueva Produced by Brooke Malloy / Co-Produced by Dana Duff Thursday, June 27th - 8 p.m. Friday, June 28th - 8 p.m. Saturday, June 28th - 8 p.m. Tickets: $20 online $25 at the door (cash only at door) 

Dog Sees God

2013 Nyack Film Festival

Thursday, August 15, 2013 (All day) - Sunday, August 18, 2013 (All day)

Take part in The Nyack Film Festival, presented by the Nyack Village Theatre. Submissions will be accepted in the following categories: Short Shorts (Less than 5 min), Shorts (Less than 10 min), Short Features (Less than 40 min), and Features (Over 40 min).
Submission Directions:

Send All Films in DVD format with Release form and Check/Money Order (payable to Modern Metro) to:

The Nyack Film Festival
94 Main Street
Nyack, NY 10960

You may also submit links/attached videos/etc to:

(Subject Line: Film Festival Submission)


Best Short Short
Best Short
Best Short Feature
Best Feature


Press/General Email: nyackvillagetheatre@gmail.com
(Please Put Film Festival Promo, or Film Festival Inquiry in subject)


UpComing 2012

Evil Dead The Musical

Friday, October 19, 2012 - 8:00pm - Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 11:00pm

This Halloween Season, the Nyack Village Theatre is the only place to catch this raucous musical, Evil Dead, based on the cult classic film series by the same name. Catch the heartwarming tale of love in the time of the Zombie Apocalypse.

$15 online; $20 at the door

Evil Dead

Pep Rally and Presentation, hosted by Preston Pepper

Sunday, November 4, 2012 - 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Preston Pepper Pep Rally & Presentation

Spirits, Fools, and Absurdities

Friday, November 16, 2012 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm


Spirits, Fools & Absurdities

A Night of Red Path Storytelling for Adults

Grandmother Buffalo Woman & Grandfather Duncan Sings-Alone. Traditional and Contemporary Cherokee and other Native American Stories.

Spirits, Fools & Absurditie

Broadcast Open Mic, presented by All We Got! Records

Friday, November 2, 2012 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Rockland's only live broadcast and archived open mic! Bring your music, bring your friends and share with the world! Sign up is at 7:00pm.

Featured Performer: Andrew Nieporent

Admission: $5 for performers and nonperformers Watch past performances in our archives at: http://rocklandworldradio.com/program/openmic/

Bobby Belfry and the David Budway Trio, CD Release Concert

Saturday, November 17, 2012 - 7:30pm - 11:00pm

Ship of Fools presents
A CD release performance by Bobby Belfry and the David Budway Trio. Belfry and the group will perform selections from the new release, One Lucky Day.

Saturday, November 17
7:30pm & 9:30pm

$15 online, $20 at the door

Broadcast Open Mic, presented by All We Got! Records

Saturday, December 1, 2012 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Rockland's only live broadcast and archived open mic! Bring your music, bring your friends and share with the world! Sign up is at 7:00pm.

$5 for performers and nonperformers

Watch past performances in our archives at:

The Most Amazing Christmas Play Series in the Entire History of the World

Friday, December 14, 2012 - 8:00pm - Saturday, December 15, 2012 - 11:45pm

Ship of Fools, the company who brings you Antics Roadshow and others presents

The Most Amazing Christmas Play Series in the Entire History of the World
by Don Zolidis

Live Performance and Interview with Vandaveer

Sunday, December 16, 2012 - 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Live performance and interview with burgeoning alt-folk act Vandaveer.

From http://www.vandaveer.net/,

Rita Harvey and Pat Jones in concert

Saturday, December 22, 2012 (All day)

Renowned musicians Rita Harvey and Pat Jones team up for a joyous and timeless performance.


More info to follow.